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Chelsea Handler Is Decent!

September 30, 2009

Well tonights Chelsea Show is better then I guess I could have hoped, Shes wearing a short dress but as you can see from the photos below the only downside is the hose is pretty damn dark!

At least shes wearing a dress, she also crossed which is rare….All she needs to do now is wear less dark colored hose and keep crossing and well you’d have a show that all guys would tune in to! Whats sad is that will never hapen in 1,000,000 damn years so get used to it, this show was just a fluke, its almost a damn certanty that she will be back to crap for another few weeks or so at least! Chelsea do us a Favor, wear more hose outfits, you’ll definaly get more male viewers if you do! Don’t be like you were last night, God awful Pants..YUCK! Thats bad for buisness! Stick with short ass skirts that ride up with hose!


Callie Crappyagen Strikes again!

September 30, 2009

Well if you didn’t See tonights show GOOD FOR YOU! Callie like last night went and fucked up another show! As you can see from the photo below things were defianly not better!

Callie sucks

As you can see Callie Crapagen tonight is sporting some crappy blue thing over top a crappy black outfit with black tights and black boots! Is this a step up from last nights God awful Pants outfit…..Well not really, mind as well just be fucking pants again! Callie get a clue, wear something worth watching! And yes seems like last night the Rep is also following what crappy callie is wearing! Uck! Both need to do something better or no guys will watch this crap! For Crying out loud Callie do something right for a change, Not just wear a short ass skirt, but do it sitting with no damn table in the way! Yeesh, Give me a damn Break, this is just very fucking sad!

Primer Impacto: Ilia actually Sucked!

September 30, 2009

Well Tuned in at 5PM to Primer Impacto thinking that At least Ilia would be leggy as she most usually is, but when I tuned in to My Dismay I Found this:

Ilia bad

Guess a bad day to start the Blog for Primer Impacto But yeah sadly Ilia was in nasty ass crappy pants! Now I wont bitch about her sucking because 99% of the Time Ilia is the one that actually saves the show with crap ass Barb Being granny or tranny 99% of the time, today was just a rare day where roles got reversed…At least Im hoping! Ilia hopefully will be back up to speed on tommarows show, barb was in a decent skirt, Sadly though she always sits the Non thigh way with any skirts and If you notice sometimes if she sits crossed the good way when the camera comes back on them she switches back quicky just showing that shes basically a coward and hates showing thigh of any kind, which kinda sucks because honesly shes hot but don’t show it anymore, shes got a nice rack too that needs to be shown but as you can see in todays show thats not the case….Here’s hoping for a better tommarow!

Escandalo TV: Could be alot better!

September 30, 2009

Well 2P.M. Came and was wondering witll ETV be any good today, Turned it on and as usual was pretty damn depressed AGAIN! 3 Women on that show and for some reason most all the damn time they all dissapoint! Check the Pic Below:


First thing to the Far left is Lillia Luciano, Alot of the times shes the one that wears The Shortest ass Skirts, today not so Much, the skirt is Decent but nothing to Ride home about…Next in the Middle is Marisa, She to me is the hottest one on the show but also has been the most dissapointing out of the 3, always in the longest and most god awful skirts! Please Marisa is it much to ask for you to wear a short skirt 1 time a week?! You Should Show leg because you got great stems, why you hide them is Beyond me! And Last is Charytin, Shes the oldest one in the group and surprisingly is most constant with decent skirts, which kinda makes the 2 younger women look well pretty fucking stupid if you ask me! Seriously, wear some better skirts! This show once apon a time was really good when it was Just Charytin and Marisa they would always show leg alot, We need that back, you want non spanish speaking male viewers, this is how you get them!

Kelly Ripa Blows it!

September 30, 2009

Ok When I tuned into Regis & Kelly today Kelly Ripas skirt looked shorter then hell at the desk, looked like it was gunna be a great skirt with some good leg shown sitting out…But as I can expect anymore looks can be decieving as you’ll see in the pics below if you missed the show:


In the Pic to the left shes messing with the skirt after sitting back down, if she would have left it like thatwe would have gotten some nice thigh shots…What the fuck happens, the picture on the right…What could have been a nice skirt fucked up by the dumb ass broad! Ripa Seriously if you wear a short ass skirt, make sure its not one you can cowardly mess with to make alot longer then it fucking looks sitting at the desk! In fact since you have no fucking titties I suggest you show leg more often, wearing too many pants and grandma skirts just makes you look more and more like a fucking dude, Seriously, your legs make you a woman….Also feel free to get a boob job please!

Kiran Chetry: Actually Good?

September 30, 2009

Well guess what, something was half ass decent this morning (YIPPEE!) And it surprisingly came in the form of Kiran Chetry, usually this show don’t sit out anymore, hardly at all…But I got a few pics anyways of kiran sitting out below:

As usual though America Morning Don’t give many sitouts which really sucks! Come on People for cryin out loud! If Kiran Chetry dresses half ass decent anyways like this or in a better skirt give her more damn sitouts! It’s not rocket science people that Legs = Ratings, Especially when Male viewers watch! But I guess CNN like FNC Don’t give a rats ass about that kind of stuff but they really should! Granted this skirt is not horribly great like stuff I seen On FNC especially when Kiran was sitting with her boyfriend Tiki barber Trying to impress him in short ass leather skirts but hey it was actually something decent in this otherwise God Awful morning!

Ana and Carla = More Boring TV!

September 30, 2009

Well After I saw no Robin was on I decided at 7am to tune into Despierta America to see if there was any leg chances there, Well if your a fucking 80 Year old man you may find this photo interesting…If not TURN AWAY!


WOOOOO! Yeah More Bad news this moring!!!! As you can see both Ana Maria and Carla Are dressed like damn 90 year old hags! Could they be dressed any worse?! Yeah I guess they both could be in transexual pants but this sure as fuck isn’t much better! Both Ana and Carla have…or should I say Had alot of Potential, Ana used to be leggy alot when on With Giselle back in the day….both of these 2 now well…Dress like complete crap 99% of the time! Can’t anybody be good this Morning?! Actually no, Everyone sucked! One of the Worst crappy ass mornings I have seen in a long fucking time! Ana and Carla need to dress hot, for all the non speaking spanish women lovers, dressing like this definaly won’t get any of those viewers to tune in! They see this shit and TUNE OUT! Lets just hope tommarow is Better then today was, but its likley doubtful!

Natasha “Fatass” Curry!

September 30, 2009

Well back to more bad new this morning, I thought I Would be seeing boring ass Robin ” Ican’t dress for shit” Meade on HLN, instead we get Preggy Fatass Natasha Curry as seen in the pic Below:

Natasha Curry

For the Love of god this thing is Huge, Shouldn’t this nasty ass thing be on Maternity leave or something?! Please get the fuck off the TV, your a Hippo! Uhhh, Can’t HLN get someone whos hot and wears skirts other then this retarded nasty thing….Oh wait, I guess Robin don’t want anyone to be hot and steal her spotlight on television! Speaking of Robin accoring to the hip hop hippo Natasha, Robin is “On Assignment”…For fuck sakes Robin takes more days off then anyone on television! on one day off the next! Robin don’t respect her show period, why should she? She dresses like fucking crap whenever on for one and another reason is shes controlled and marries to some rich doushebag so of course she can take time off whenever the fuck she feels like it….Its about time the replace her retarded ass once and for all in my opinion! Also again I cannot stress this enough…GET NATASHA OFF TO MATERNITY LEAVE AND SOMEONE HOT ON! Damn, looks like a big fat cherry on tv!

Jenninfer Aniston is a Real Woman!

September 30, 2009

Well after the Extreamly Lame Start this morning from Any kind of women to be seen I decided to pull out a Few Jennifer Aniston Caps that I made from Boring Chelsea Handler’s Show….To my shock Chelsea was actually wearing a skirt in this show and actually crossed for a time making the skirt actually watchable for once! Here are the Few Caps:

Now that’s what a real woman looks like! Almost Every late night show appearance Jennifer Aniston is usually seen in a nice skirt or this this case really short shorts! Jessica shure knows how to dress and knows what men wanna see from her! Extreamly sexy legs, shes got em and defiantly knows how to flaunt them for the drooling public! Way to go Jennifer, Please keep it up! We Need actual “Women” in the world besides all these damn duds on television!

3 Spanish “Women”?

September 30, 2009

I doubt the subject above is all that true, after I saw Lame Gretchen and Lame Stephanie this morning I said hey what about the 6am Spanish Video Program With Jessica Fox…So I changed it to that and you’ll never know what the fuck I saw, again Avert your eyes if you don’t like awful outfits!

Jessica and others

Jessica is the one in the Purple top, of course this nasty thing is almost 100% of the time always in fucking pants, I think this thing only ownes maybe 1 skirt and never wears it unless all the pants are dirty on laundry day and that only happens maybe 1 time every 3 months or so if that, so yeah most of the fucking time its pants, pants and more nasty manly pants….uhhhh! To make things even worse 2 other “Things” as you can see joined Fox on the show and to my surprise “Not Really” is not 1 but BOTH are also fucking nasty in more fucking pants! Oh Joy Oh Joy! For the love of God, how much more?! How Much more crap this morning?! I can’t take much more crap but Im sure more crap will be on tap all day today the way its going! This is retarded, 3 trannies on 1 show….What are the damn odds? Looks pretty damn good to me! This is disgusting and well awful! I wish I had abit of Actual Women Reporting this morning sadly there is none!