3 Spanish “Women”?

I doubt the subject above is all that true, after I saw Lame Gretchen and Lame Stephanie this morning I said hey what about the 6am Spanish Video Program With Jessica Fox…So I changed it to that and you’ll never know what the fuck I saw, again Avert your eyes if you don’t like awful outfits!

Jessica and others

Jessica is the one in the Purple top, of course this nasty thing is almost 100% of the time always in fucking pants, I think this thing only ownes maybe 1 skirt and never wears it unless all the pants are dirty on laundry day and that only happens maybe 1 time every 3 months or so if that, so yeah most of the fucking time its pants, pants and more nasty manly pants….uhhhh! To make things even worse 2 other “Things” as you can see joined Fox on the show and to my surprise “Not Really” is not 1 but BOTH are also fucking nasty in more fucking pants! Oh Joy Oh Joy! For the love of God, how much more?! How Much more crap this morning?! I can’t take much more crap but Im sure more crap will be on tap all day today the way its going! This is retarded, 3 trannies on 1 show….What are the damn odds? Looks pretty damn good to me! This is disgusting and well awful! I wish I had abit of Actual Women Reporting this morning sadly there is none!


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