HSN’s Callie Northagen is NASTY!

WOMAN?! THIS?! Nah seriously, I tuned in to this thing tonight to maybe just maybe see some leg, What in the fuck do you think I saw? Hell just check out this Picture below and you’ll see what I mean if you didn’t tune in to the Show!

Crappy Callie

First off to the Woman or so Called Woman Rep on the left, Either dress like a damn woman or don’t come to the fucking set at all! Thank You! Next Callie is dressed in today’s Nasty transexual special! A Nasty ass Red thing and underneath that was a Nice Black turtleneck…hmm, someone don’t wanna show his/her or it’s titties! Also Love the matching nasty ass grey pants! Uck! Come the hell on, what the hell kinda outfit do you call this? Ghey sheik? Honesly Callie, if you can’t dress once a week like a woman your NOT a woman PERIOD! Its time you got rid of the fake titties, and take your penis to a Chip and Dales Stripjoint since thats where you belong! BAH, Nasty! UCK! Am I still ranting about you? Yes I am….Will I continue, yeah probably the next time I see you! Again UCK! BAH! UHHHHH!


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