Natasha “Fatass” Curry!

Well back to more bad new this morning, I thought I Would be seeing boring ass Robin ” Ican’t dress for shit” Meade on HLN, instead we get Preggy Fatass Natasha Curry as seen in the pic Below:

Natasha Curry

For the Love of god this thing is Huge, Shouldn’t this nasty ass thing be on Maternity leave or something?! Please get the fuck off the TV, your a Hippo! Uhhh, Can’t HLN get someone whos hot and wears skirts other then this retarded nasty thing….Oh wait, I guess Robin don’t want anyone to be hot and steal her spotlight on television! Speaking of Robin accoring to the hip hop hippo Natasha, Robin is “On Assignment”…For fuck sakes Robin takes more days off then anyone on television! on one day off the next! Robin don’t respect her show period, why should she? She dresses like fucking crap whenever on for one and another reason is shes controlled and marries to some rich doushebag so of course she can take time off whenever the fuck she feels like it….Its about time the replace her retarded ass once and for all in my opinion! Also again I cannot stress this enough…GET NATASHA OFF TO MATERNITY LEAVE AND SOMEONE HOT ON! Damn, looks like a big fat cherry on tv!


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