Boring ass Jessica Fox AGAIN!

Well another Lame 6am Morning show on univision AGAIN as you can see in the photo below definatly NOT worth waking up for!

Fox sucks

Well lest start off to the not so womanly woman on the left! Yep You Guessed it, nasty ass Fucking pants AGAIN! YAWN! And to the Right Jessica Fox in some crappy leopard print tights = Meaning nasty ass pants! Why oh Why can’t this show be any good half the time?! It Would be a Decent show if at least 2 times a week they would be in Skirts! But sadly that will never be the case as it seems these 2 love wearing nasty ass transexual pants too much!  This is just another typiacl show where you can say, hey I know its gunna fucking suck because it does 99% of the time if not more then that! These 2 need to go out and buy more skirt outfits to wear on the show BADLY! Seriously its getting pretty fucking lame how bad this show keeps getting! Try to at least be good next week at least once will ya?


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