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Chelsea Handler Adds Insult To Injury!

October 7, 2009

Well another night of Patheticness For Chelsea as Seen in the Pic below its as it usually is 99% of the time…CRAP!

Chelsea sucky

Well as You can see yep another dull ass top and shitty tranny Jeans! YAWN! Heres the Diffrence though, the dumb fucking broad was crossed the whole time! Unlike other days when Leggy and 95% of the time she stays uncrossed….Typical as usual! This isn’t the first dumbass woman to Cross in pants and stay uncrossed when leggy, there have been other stupid fucking women on TV that did the same ass thing! Anyways another shitty non watchable show….Thanks Chelsea!


Chelsea Handler and Sofia Vergara!

October 2, 2009

Well tonights show was probably one of the Best I’ve Ever Seen and Probably will be one of the best in awhile, Heres the Pics:

WOOOO! 2 Sets of Legs for the Price of 1! Chelsea Came Thru in a green Dress showing Good Leg, The only downside sadly was this time she never crossed them which kinda sucked! Chelsea, this is the kind of stuff you NEED to wear alot more often and cross legs alot! Also Sofia Vergara was putting on a nice legshow, not only that she also wore nice black hose for us! Enjoy the Few pics I got, Would have got more but Chelsea never crossed and Sofia never switched legs

Chelesa Handler is Back To Dull!

October 1, 2009

Well Yesterdays Decent Dress and Kinda dark hose showing was as I figured once in a blue moon as Yes Chelsea is Right back to Crap! As in the pic below you can see for yourself why this show is 99% unwatchable!


Yep, as you can see or maybe you cant see too well Chelsea is Sporting a Really GREAT Crappy back top along with really crappy black pants! WOOOO! Just another shit outfit from the mind of Chelsea Handler! Come on Chelsea, go more then a damn day without going back to crappy ass pants! Its a joke and it’s not fucking funny! Wear a Tight top and short skirts for once, that way every night us guys would actually have something to look forward to…..But since you dress like this 99% of the damn time looking forward to you is a joke of its own! YOU SUCK! You don’t have to wear Skirts every damn day, Im not asking for that but more good skirts other then once a month would be an Improvement! YEESH!!

Kelly Ripa Slightly Better

October 1, 2009

Well tuned into Ripa to see if she had undone her shitty Mistake from yesterdays show and to my surprise it was a mild improvement as seen in the picture below:


A Step up anyways from yesterdays crappy ass showing anyways, Frilly Green Dress Showing some decent but still no thigh leg…If Ripa wants to actually Impress Male Viewers she should first as I said before get a boob job and second wear pantyhose with short skirts….Most people who watch this show are older people and especially women, 95% of the Audiance is Female, you want more male Viewership and attendance WEAR BETTER STUFF! Not crappy ass pants or your grannys 90 year old long hag bag skirts! Maybe tommarow we will see more leg, but likley not.

Kelly Ripa Blows it!

September 30, 2009

Ok When I tuned into Regis & Kelly today Kelly Ripas skirt looked shorter then hell at the desk, looked like it was gunna be a great skirt with some good leg shown sitting out…But as I can expect anymore looks can be decieving as you’ll see in the pics below if you missed the show:


In the Pic to the left shes messing with the skirt after sitting back down, if she would have left it like thatwe would have gotten some nice thigh shots…What the fuck happens, the picture on the right…What could have been a nice skirt fucked up by the dumb ass broad! Ripa Seriously if you wear a short ass skirt, make sure its not one you can cowardly mess with to make alot longer then it fucking looks sitting at the desk! In fact since you have no fucking titties I suggest you show leg more often, wearing too many pants and grandma skirts just makes you look more and more like a fucking dude, Seriously, your legs make you a woman….Also feel free to get a boob job please!

Jenninfer Aniston is a Real Woman!

September 30, 2009

Well after the Extreamly Lame Start this morning from Any kind of women to be seen I decided to pull out a Few Jennifer Aniston Caps that I made from Boring Chelsea Handler’s Show….To my shock Chelsea was actually wearing a skirt in this show and actually crossed for a time making the skirt actually watchable for once! Here are the Few Caps:

Now that’s what a real woman looks like! Almost Every late night show appearance Jennifer Aniston is usually seen in a nice skirt or this this case really short shorts! Jessica shure knows how to dress and knows what men wanna see from her! Extreamly sexy legs, shes got em and defiantly knows how to flaunt them for the drooling public! Way to go Jennifer, Please keep it up! We Need actual “Women” in the world besides all these damn duds on television!

Chelsea Handler? A Man or a Woman?

September 29, 2009

Ok, Iv’e been tuning into this show for quite awhile now and All I got to say is What the fuck is this?! Are you kidding me? I thought this was a Woman’s Talkshow…Well take a look below and see what I mean here!

Awful Chelsea Awful Chelsea 2

Ok, Seriously now this is one of the so called “Women” on tv that I truly doubt is a Woman! Chelsea loves to trash celebritys and other women during her…or should I say it’s show, well now its time for the hunter to become the hunted! Chelsea, your a fucking joke PERIOD! Your not a woman, stop saying your a woman cause your not Period! Maybe in a past life you were a damn woman and decided to get a penis implant because that must be the reason you wear such god awful horrible outfits like this all the time, to hide the fat you grew a fucking penis in your pants and are afraid to let Mr. Winkey out! For the love of God Get off Television for all Mankind sake! The outfit above is just the Begining folks! Im sure Ill have many more bashings for this nasty ass thing to come! YUCK! Also that outfit you must have got in the Men’s Department! Don’t Forget Chelsea, Use the Men’s Room, because your definatly NOT a Woman!