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Despierta America Best it will get!

October 7, 2009

Well today Show is likley the best it will ever get in my opinion as both are in actual Skirts:

Could have asked for better but I guess this Will have to do, Carlao in a Red Dress thing that was decent at times and Ana in a red top and skirt…Sadly though they didn’t do a whole lot besides sit on couch together but I got a few caps anyways, maybe tommarow they will both wear shorter stuff…..YEAH RIGHT! 


Despierta America = More Boringness!

October 6, 2009

Well Out of all the Crap this morning the only thing good was Gretchen! As you can see in the pic below DA is still sucking HORRIBLY!

Crappy DA

Yeah as you can see it was just another one of those shows that you can bare to look at then change the fucking channel! Whats worse then 1 90 year old hag bag in a granny skirt, how about 2 90 year old grandma’s? Thats what you get this morning on DA! Couldn’t they at least wear decent ass tops to show some cleavage? GUESS NOT! I don’t really know WTF happened to this shitty fucking show but it gets worse every fucking day! Both Ana and Clara are jokes, Get Giselle Back on the show, at least alot of the time she was leggy and wasnt a chicken shit putting papers all over her blocking leg like shitty Ana Does! Well looks like another mostly dull ass morning today! YIPPEE!

Despierta America is Pathetic!

October 5, 2009

Well Another week of Complete crap on this show looks like its comin! Pretty pathetic too if you ask me, as seen in the pic below another boring ass show!

Pathetic DA

Well lets see here, Carla is in a shitty ass red top with you guessed it, shitty fucking red pants! WOOO! Nice start to the week huh? If that isn’t bad enough Ana is no better! A Horrible top and yes she is wearing some sort of skirt but what the fuck is wrong with this picture? Ah Yes, ONLY ANA is holding tons of fucking papers all over her lap! Why the fuck is that? AH I KNOW! Shes the only fucking one in a skirt so shes as usual cowarldy covering her fucking legs! If you watch the show you know this broad does this shit all the fucking time when in a skirt which SHE SHOULD STOP FUCKING WEARING if shes so self concious about her legs and appearance! Don’t piss people off by wearing a fucking skirt and doing this fucking crap every fucking time stupid! Women are retarded sometimes I tell you!

Tranny x4 on Despierta America!!

October 2, 2009

WOOOO! Tuned into Despierta America this morning and what did I find? Well looked to me kine a bunch of fucking tools with no women in sight as seen in pic below!


If you wanna talk GOD AWFUL this here is it! Not only was Ana and Carla both in transexual looking pants but so was the other 2 other So called “Women” in this Picture as guests! UHHHHHGGGG! This is no nasty and horrible to wake up to it’s not funny! Seriously when they dress like this it looks like not just 2 fags but 6 fags on the set at the same damn time! Yeah Its awful I know…Sad We cannot complain to them to actually Wear some Good Shit! Of Course I didn’t watch this after taking the photo, Why the hell should I But I bet anything they gave both Carls and Ana alot better sitout segments since they both fucking suck! Nice way to end the week huh?

Despierta America = RIP OFF!

October 1, 2009

Yep, Today’s show could have had alot of potential but as usual the Jerks upstairs decided to screw us all again, Well first lets take a look at the outfits both Ana And Carla Wore:


First Ana was in an ok but not Short Short Skirt….It was slightly better crossed but look at Carla! A Short Blue dress showing PLENTY Of Leg! So Why the fuck am I pissed off? If you watched DA Hoping She would get a Good Couch segment or a Stool segment YOU WERE OUT OF LUCK! Thats Right all the better sets went to Ana and the tool, Carla Got the Desk Segments and the Standing behind table segments and Why? Of Course she was the hottest dressed and she or the Guys upstairs didnt want her showing off her goods! This is retarded, its a fucking 3 hour show….1 or 2 good segments wont fucking kill you woman, In fact it brings ratings! Try it, Im sure Ratings will Improve more then they are now!

Ana and Carla = More Boring TV!

September 30, 2009

Well After I saw no Robin was on I decided at 7am to tune into Despierta America to see if there was any leg chances there, Well if your a fucking 80 Year old man you may find this photo interesting…If not TURN AWAY!


WOOOOO! Yeah More Bad news this moring!!!! As you can see both Ana Maria and Carla Are dressed like damn 90 year old hags! Could they be dressed any worse?! Yeah I guess they both could be in transexual pants but this sure as fuck isn’t much better! Both Ana and Carla have…or should I say Had alot of Potential, Ana used to be leggy alot when on With Giselle back in the day….both of these 2 now well…Dress like complete crap 99% of the time! Can’t anybody be good this Morning?! Actually no, Everyone sucked! One of the Worst crappy ass mornings I have seen in a long fucking time! Ana and Carla need to dress hot, for all the non speaking spanish women lovers, dressing like this definaly won’t get any of those viewers to tune in! They see this shit and TUNE OUT! Lets just hope tommarow is Better then today was, but its likley doubtful!