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Ilia Granny on Primer Impacto!

October 7, 2009

Well Ilia was actually worse then Barb Surprisingly on todays Primer Impacto show as seen in the Pic Below:


Ilia is in an all black crappy outfit Surprisingly with a Crappy Skirt showing no thigh! Barb Surprisingly enough beat out Ilia in the skirt department today for once in a half ass skirt but still as usual sits the non thigh showing way so yeah, no good thigh shots as expected! Well Ilia Should be abck to showing thigh tommaro hopefully and Im sure Barb will be back to horribly crappy outfits as usual! Both need to be good on a show so we can actually get a good double legshow for once, havent had one in forever, Come on Do something right for a change! Damn I miss the Days of Carmen and Myrka!


Escandalo TV Back to Granny!

October 7, 2009

Well Sadly Escandalo TV was back to its boring God awful crappy self as seen in the Pic Below:

Esgrannyo TV

Yep, back to crap on ETV unfortunatly! Marisa was in a Blue dress but long, Charyting was in a Green Dress and probably had the best looking skirt of the 3 but when sitting it wasnt that good and Lillia is obviously the nastiest in a god awful nasty green gown thing that goes way past the knee….I guess this show cannot make 2 good shows in a row, be nice if Marisa and Lilia would be leggy every damn day so this show would be something to look forward to! I mean why not show your body while you still got it?

More Kelly Ripa Grannyness!

October 7, 2009

Well Kelly Ripa Sucked today as seen in the Pic Below it was not a Pretty Sight!

Crappy Ripa

Just a drab, nasy crappy ass green thing top with a nasty ass granny green thing skirt! Blah, It really can’t get any fucking worse unless it was a nasty tranny pants outfit…oh well, maybe this thing will get it right tommarow and wear a nice skirt but probably not! Also Get better guetst on, I dont care to look at old hag bags in tranny pants! Thank you!

Jessica Fox is still God Awful!

October 7, 2009

Yep, Another day gone with Jessica fox being in nasty transexual pants! Well at least 1 Woman on the show was worth of being called an actual WOMAN as seen in Pics Below:

The other 2 Women who were on were in Crappy granny skirts, and Of Course as I said Crappy jessica AGAIN in shitty Pants! The only Savior of the show was the hot chick in the white top and short shorts! The only Problem with todays show was They Really didnt give her a good sitting segment or shots, the only good sitting stool segment went to….YOU GUESSED IT! The Nastya ss Tranny Jessica fox! When a Good Woman is on Give her the good segments, no one wants the nice shots to go to a pants wearing transvestite!

Gretchen Really Sucks this Morning!

October 7, 2009

No Reason AT ALL to tune into shitty ass Fox and Friends this morning, as seen in the Pic below Gretchen’s Most horrible Nasty ass outfit to date!


gretchen wearing some nasty ass Red looking Granny Dress! Uck! And whats this, Happy Bithday FNC? Yeah Thanks old Bag Roger Ailes for making FNC even Shitter now By getting rid of The Better Women like Brigitte Quinn, Dari Alexander, E.D. Hill and others, And Making the Women on F&F Wear Shitty God Awful outfits now, Yeah thanks you old fucking terd! Well Good news I don’t have to give F&F Ratings this morning, most guys sure as fuck wont! Stop Wearing this kind of Crap Gretchen, its Really annoying!!!

Chelsea and Guests AWFUL!

October 6, 2009

Well Chelsea was in a skirt but not great at all and without Crossing it looked even worse as seen in the pic below:


Well Chelsea wasn;t the only awful thing on the show, there were 3 other so called “Women” Guests on the show as well and well you can see they sure didnt dress like “Girls next door” 2 transexual Women in pants and 1 crappy 90 year old granny made up the 3 so called Women! So yeah all in all another fucking suckass show…What were the odds of all 4 women dressing like complete fucking crap? Well as you can see from the picture pretty damn good! Well tommarow is another day I suppose for something good to happen on this show! Chelsea needs more Women guests that dress hot so she dresses hot to outbeat them!

Barbara Bermudo Sucks ass!

October 6, 2009

Well Heres just a few pics of Primer Impacto from todays show:

Not many caps But at least Ilia was nice enough AGAIN to save the show and wear a nice short skirt for us! As you can see Barbara Bercrapo wore a God awful top with a God awful skirt…Seems Barb really can’t do anything right these days ever since getting fucking married, but hey, Marriage ruins women…Not all women but some like Bercrapo here! Ilia needs though to wear some tight ass tops like she used to, her top’s though suck! Come on Ilia, wear some nice tight tops with these short skirts! And if Barb continues this BS get rid of her and put Satcha on Weekdays! Throew barb to the lame shitty weekend show nobody watches!

Kelly Ripa is Granny!

October 6, 2009

Well Sadly Kelly Ripa’s Skirt today was pretty damn awful as seen in the pic here it was NOT worth capping today!

Ripa Granny

Yep unfortunatly Kelly Ripa Could not make it a 2 Day nice skirt streak, in fact I cannot remember the last time she was actually leggy 2 days in a row! Would have been nice to have a short skirt 2 days in a row once and awhile but I guess she don’t have that many short skirts in her wardrobe, ripa take a tip get some nice short skirt with some pantyhose for wintertime, maybe tommarow we will get back to a shorter skirt hopefully!

Despierta America = More Boringness!

October 6, 2009

Well Out of all the Crap this morning the only thing good was Gretchen! As you can see in the pic below DA is still sucking HORRIBLY!

Crappy DA

Yeah as you can see it was just another one of those shows that you can bare to look at then change the fucking channel! Whats worse then 1 90 year old hag bag in a granny skirt, how about 2 90 year old grandma’s? Thats what you get this morning on DA! Couldn’t they at least wear decent ass tops to show some cleavage? GUESS NOT! I don’t really know WTF happened to this shitty fucking show but it gets worse every fucking day! Both Ana and Clara are jokes, Get Giselle Back on the show, at least alot of the time she was leggy and wasnt a chicken shit putting papers all over her blocking leg like shitty Ana Does! Well looks like another mostly dull ass morning today! YIPPEE!

Robin Meade: Just More Crap!

October 6, 2009

Another day for Robin to Suck AGAIN! As seen in the pics below the outfit as usual was dull and boring as hell!

Robin Yuck Robin Yuck 2

First Pic shows a Crappy Dark blue shitty non tight fitting top, which is BORING AS HELL! Then on the Right you can see some leg at the bottom, leading me to believe this is a Crappy pair of nasty shortpants or a horribly Bad Granny skirt! Either way its BAD NEWS for anyone who was hoping she would actually wear a fucking good skirt for once! Seriously Robin, If You cannot dress good once in a fucking week your nothing more then a fucking Hermaphrodite! Your nasty and cannot dress properly at least 1 time a week which is a damn joke!