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Jessica Fox is still God Awful!

October 7, 2009

Yep, Another day gone with Jessica fox being in nasty transexual pants! Well at least 1 Woman on the show was worth of being called an actual WOMAN as seen in Pics Below:

The other 2 Women who were on were in Crappy granny skirts, and Of Course as I said Crappy jessica AGAIN in shitty Pants! The only Savior of the show was the hot chick in the white top and short shorts! The only Problem with todays show was They Really didnt give her a good sitting segment or shots, the only good sitting stool segment went to….YOU GUESSED IT! The Nastya ss Tranny Jessica fox! When a Good Woman is on Give her the good segments, no one wants the nice shots to go to a pants wearing transvestite!


Jessica Fox Still Sucking!

October 6, 2009

Well no Improvement for this Transexual as you can see in the Pic Below Both Fucking Sucked!

Spanish Crap

Yeah Its Sad isn’t it? The one blonde woman who was leggy yesterday not present today and the other 2 that fucking sucked still on and still sucking BADLY! Jessica in Tranny Jeans and the other thing in Black tranny pants! WOOO! Not much more to say then this show is UNWATCHABLE unless the blond comes back on and decides to show more leg! Get these 2 fucking Transexuals off please and put some fucking women on with nice fucking legs, Honestly Im getting pretty fucking sick of Fox dressing like crap! If she or he cannot dress like a woman at least have co hosts that can so at least this fucking show can be watchable on a daily basis!

1 Out of three isn’t Bad I Guess!

October 5, 2009

Well On Jessica Fox’s show you Can see from the Few Pics Below at least 1 of the 3 so called women dressed good on the show for once today!

Well Jessica Fox (One in yellow top) As usual sucks which is no fucking surprise anymore! 99.99999% Tranny all the fucking time! The other so called broad is in crappy pink tights meaning more shitty nasty pants, YUCK! But at least there was 1 highlight to this otherwise God Awful show, one of them was actually brave enough to dress like an actual woman, though there was no leg crosses still the outfit was a nice red short dress worthy of getting at least a few caps of! Now if only the other 2 could actually follow in her footsteps and actually dress good once a week!

Boring ass Jessica Fox AGAIN!

October 2, 2009

Well another Lame 6am Morning show on univision AGAIN as you can see in the photo below definatly NOT worth waking up for!

Fox sucks

Well lest start off to the not so womanly woman on the left! Yep You Guessed it, nasty ass Fucking pants AGAIN! YAWN! And to the Right Jessica Fox in some crappy leopard print tights = Meaning nasty ass pants! Why oh Why can’t this show be any good half the time?! It Would be a Decent show if at least 2 times a week they would be in Skirts! But sadly that will never be the case as it seems these 2 love wearing nasty ass transexual pants too much!  This is just another typiacl show where you can say, hey I know its gunna fucking suck because it does 99% of the time if not more then that! These 2 need to go out and buy more skirt outfits to wear on the show BADLY! Seriously its getting pretty fucking lame how bad this show keeps getting! Try to at least be good next week at least once will ya?

3 Spanish “Women”?

September 30, 2009

I doubt the subject above is all that true, after I saw Lame Gretchen and Lame Stephanie this morning I said hey what about the 6am Spanish Video Program With Jessica Fox…So I changed it to that and you’ll never know what the fuck I saw, again Avert your eyes if you don’t like awful outfits!

Jessica and others

Jessica is the one in the Purple top, of course this nasty thing is almost 100% of the time always in fucking pants, I think this thing only ownes maybe 1 skirt and never wears it unless all the pants are dirty on laundry day and that only happens maybe 1 time every 3 months or so if that, so yeah most of the fucking time its pants, pants and more nasty manly pants….uhhhh! To make things even worse 2 other “Things” as you can see joined Fox on the show and to my surprise “Not Really” is not 1 but BOTH are also fucking nasty in more fucking pants! Oh Joy Oh Joy! For the love of God, how much more?! How Much more crap this morning?! I can’t take much more crap but Im sure more crap will be on tap all day today the way its going! This is retarded, 3 trannies on 1 show….What are the damn odds? Looks pretty damn good to me! This is disgusting and well awful! I wish I had abit of Actual Women Reporting this morning sadly there is none!