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Stephanie Abrams Leg Ruined!

October 2, 2009

Well the Good news after 2 days of God awful Crap Stephanie Abrams actually wore a nice dress showing some good leg, the Bad news is TWC has some of the Most retarded fucking shots in the world!


You can kinda see at the bottom of the photo where the dress ends and leg begins….Sadly is is about the only shots you can actually fucking get and well its pretty fucking retarded! They had her standing with the tool at the map and what happened? A big fucking wake up weather banner was on the screen blocing the leg AGAIN! This is what I mean, its simply fucking retarded! TWC is A joke and if its also the women Involved in the Camera decision making you should stick with fucking pants then if your too damn afraid to show leg! Skirts are meant to show leg! WTF else are they around for?! If God Didn’t want woamn to show leg he would have made everyone be limited to fucking pants! This is a Sad fucking thing! Really a waste of what could sometimes be cappable TV!


Stephanie Abrams = More Awful!

October 1, 2009

Well In my opinion it looks like Stephanie Abrams Burned all her short skirts and decided to become a transexual! Yes, I went and tuned in again to see if maybe there was a small ass upturn form yesterdays awful showing but alas, well take a look!

Horrid Abrams

WOOO! More Bad news this morning for us!!! Yep another day another horribly nasty ass looking Abrams in horribly nasty ass tranny pants! WTF?! Awhile ago this thing was wearing more skirts! Now all of a suddent its shitty pants after shitty ass pants! Did I miss something? I Don’t recall getting a Memo saying Abrams was turning into a man….Guess I missed it then! Seriously WTF? Come on Abrams get your damn head on streight and wear something watchable, this is getting extreamly pathetic even for you! Uhhhh, Also Get some better tops too because the ones your wearing are also too man like! This is another Sad day in the World Of TWC Women!

Stephanie Abrams = BORING!

September 30, 2009

Well After I saw Lame Gretchen Carlson this morning I decided to Change the channel to TWC to see what abrams was Wearing….to My Dismay She too Was dressed like a fucking man as seen in the photo below, let me warn you the Image is truly Horrifying!

Abrams Nasty

Uhhhgggg! Yes I know extreamly horrible and upsetting to see!┬áHonestly now WTF Kind of outfit is this?! Good Lord I thought I was watching Al Roker and Mike Bettes, I mean it was that fucking bad to tell who was who! For Crying out loud this is as good to a Mens outfit as you can possibly fucking get! An All grey God awful looking pants suit, YUCK! Again Stephine I Question what side of the field your on…Go back to wearing skirts please, also wear pantyhose with those skirts…In Fact, Im sure if Al was working with you on the set he would get bored as hell thinking how fucking awful you look! Get better more watchable outfits Please, your revolting in these outfits! YUCK! (PUKE)