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Chelsea Handler Adds Insult To Injury!

October 7, 2009

Well another night of Patheticness For Chelsea as Seen in the Pic below its as it usually is 99% of the time…CRAP!

Chelsea sucky

Well as You can see yep another dull ass top and shitty tranny Jeans! YAWN! Heres the Diffrence though, the dumb fucking broad was crossed the whole time! Unlike other days when Leggy and 95% of the time she stays uncrossed….Typical as usual! This isn’t the first dumbass woman to Cross in pants and stay uncrossed when leggy, there have been other stupid fucking women on TV that did the same ass thing! Anyways another shitty non watchable show….Thanks Chelsea!


Nicole Mitchel Pathetic!

October 7, 2009

Uhhh, How many fucking days can this thing possibly dress so God Fucking awful?! As Seen in the Pic Below:

Nicole blah

For Crying out loud This thing used to be so damn good, wearing nice tops and skirts…WTF happened?! How many more days in a row can this thing possibly fucking suck? A Red shitty top with Grey nasty ass transexual pants! Wanna know whats sad about this? Actual Transexuals Dress better then This thing! Thats Pathetic! Nicole, Dress better or be replaced by someone who can stand wearing a damn skirt at least 1-2 times a week! Your a Joke and Looking more and more Manish daily!

Jessica Fox is still God Awful!

October 7, 2009

Yep, Another day gone with Jessica fox being in nasty transexual pants! Well at least 1 Woman on the show was worth of being called an actual WOMAN as seen in Pics Below:

The other 2 Women who were on were in Crappy granny skirts, and Of Course as I said Crappy jessica AGAIN in shitty Pants! The only Savior of the show was the hot chick in the white top and short shorts! The only Problem with todays show was They Really didnt give her a good sitting segment or shots, the only good sitting stool segment went to….YOU GUESSED IT! The Nastya ss Tranny Jessica fox! When a Good Woman is on Give her the good segments, no one wants the nice shots to go to a pants wearing transvestite!

Jessica Fox Still Sucking!

October 6, 2009

Well no Improvement for this Transexual as you can see in the Pic Below Both Fucking Sucked!

Spanish Crap

Yeah Its Sad isn’t it? The one blonde woman who was leggy yesterday not present today and the other 2 that fucking sucked still on and still sucking BADLY! Jessica in Tranny Jeans and the other thing in Black tranny pants! WOOO! Not much more to say then this show is UNWATCHABLE unless the blond comes back on and decides to show more leg! Get these 2 fucking Transexuals off please and put some fucking women on with nice fucking legs, Honestly Im getting pretty fucking sick of Fox dressing like crap! If she or he cannot dress like a woman at least have co hosts that can so at least this fucking show can be watchable on a daily basis!

Nicole Mitchel Dresses like a man!

October 6, 2009

Yuck, If you were hoping by some miracle Nicole would have been hot and leggy well your in for a shock, seen in the pic below….Be warned it is a WOMAN in the Pic Supposidly!

Nicole Blech

Yeah I know, horrifying isn’t it? Could any kind of outfit be any fucking worse?! A Red Crappy top with a Crappy Vest on top and crappy ass red shitty pants….Uhhhhgggg! This is what I mean, Does this thing own a Short skirt anymore? Once a week maybe if possible would be a nice start to actually dress like a woman and not a fucking guy which is what you look like tonight Nicole! Your Just like ripa, Show leg, its basically your only weapon you have slightly bigger tits then ripa but not by much as you too are pretty fucking flat…Sad too because you used to dress half ass, WTF happened? Get a Sex Change operation? For the Love of God and Humanity get better!

Chelsea Back to crap!

October 5, 2009

Well Chelsea’s 1 Day skirt streak last week sure as hell didn’t last as seen in the pic below:

Chelsea back to crap

Yep, Chelsea is Back to lame ass Transexual Pants! And to make things worse the Stupid ass guest had to be in crappy tranny pants as well! Well this is no shocker as I said before Chelsea can’t dress for shit 99% of the time, Last week was her once a month or every few months skirt outfit, highly unlikley she will dress hot again for awhile so expect many more fucking rants! 2 Times a week in a skirt won’t kill you will it?! Give guys something to watch late night besides crap like this!

Robin “The Shitbag” Meade!

October 5, 2009

Well the shitbag was back today and guess what, just as shitty as ever as seen in the 2 pics below!

Robin Nasty Robin Nasty 2

Is this a fucking surprise? HELL NO! This thing is one of those things on tv that doesn’t give a crap how she, or he or it looks! A Nasty ass black top combined with nasty ass black pants makes for a fucking nasty ass outfit that no man will bother watching! But what can you expect from a so called “Woman” who cares nothing about her job or how she looks because shes married and has tons of money! She could give a rats ass about anyone else who comes in contact with her besides her rich ass husband! STAY HOME SHITBAG, Let morning express be someone who is commited to the job and how they dress, can’t you dress in a nice skirt once a week if possible? Doesn’t seem like it does it shitbag? Men aged 18-49 Tune out when you dress like fucking crap, and thats all the time! Get some better clothes or be replaced cause you fucking SUCK!