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Ilia Granny on Primer Impacto!

October 7, 2009

Well Ilia was actually worse then Barb Surprisingly on todays Primer Impacto show as seen in the Pic Below:


Ilia is in an all black crappy outfit Surprisingly with a Crappy Skirt showing no thigh! Barb Surprisingly enough beat out Ilia in the skirt department today for once in a half ass skirt but still as usual sits the non thigh showing way so yeah, no good thigh shots as expected! Well Ilia Should be abck to showing thigh tommaro hopefully and Im sure Barb will be back to horribly crappy outfits as usual! Both need to be good on a show so we can actually get a good double legshow for once, havent had one in forever, Come on Do something right for a change! Damn I miss the Days of Carmen and Myrka!


Despierta America Best it will get!

October 7, 2009

Well today Show is likley the best it will ever get in my opinion as both are in actual Skirts:

Could have asked for better but I guess this Will have to do, Carlao in a Red Dress thing that was decent at times and Ana in a red top and skirt…Sadly though they didn’t do a whole lot besides sit on couch together but I got a few caps anyways, maybe tommarow they will both wear shorter stuff…..YEAH RIGHT! 

Barbara Bermudo Sucks ass!

October 6, 2009

Well Heres just a few pics of Primer Impacto from todays show:

Not many caps But at least Ilia was nice enough AGAIN to save the show and wear a nice short skirt for us! As you can see Barbara Bercrapo wore a God awful top with a God awful skirt…Seems Barb really can’t do anything right these days ever since getting fucking married, but hey, Marriage ruins women…Not all women but some like Bercrapo here! Ilia needs though to wear some tight ass tops like she used to, her top’s though suck! Come on Ilia, wear some nice tight tops with these short skirts! And if Barb continues this BS get rid of her and put Satcha on Weekdays! Throew barb to the lame shitty weekend show nobody watches!

Escandalo TV is Pretty Good today!

October 6, 2009

Well Todays ETV Show was better then most, heres some photos of the show:

Well Marisa today looked bad standing but sitting the skirt was pretty damn good sitting, She just needs to wear some hose with good skirts! Charyting was actually the worst today in a longer skirt and Lilia was in a nice short skirt showing some good thigh in a few of the pics! At least there was 1 thing worth getting pictures of in this otherwise dull ass day!

Despierta America = More Boringness!

October 6, 2009

Well Out of all the Crap this morning the only thing good was Gretchen! As you can see in the pic below DA is still sucking HORRIBLY!

Crappy DA

Yeah as you can see it was just another one of those shows that you can bare to look at then change the fucking channel! Whats worse then 1 90 year old hag bag in a granny skirt, how about 2 90 year old grandma’s? Thats what you get this morning on DA! Couldn’t they at least wear decent ass tops to show some cleavage? GUESS NOT! I don’t really know WTF happened to this shitty fucking show but it gets worse every fucking day! Both Ana and Clara are jokes, Get Giselle Back on the show, at least alot of the time she was leggy and wasnt a chicken shit putting papers all over her blocking leg like shitty Ana Does! Well looks like another mostly dull ass morning today! YIPPEE!

Jessica Fox Still Sucking!

October 6, 2009

Well no Improvement for this Transexual as you can see in the Pic Below Both Fucking Sucked!

Spanish Crap

Yeah Its Sad isn’t it? The one blonde woman who was leggy yesterday not present today and the other 2 that fucking sucked still on and still sucking BADLY! Jessica in Tranny Jeans and the other thing in Black tranny pants! WOOO! Not much more to say then this show is UNWATCHABLE unless the blond comes back on and decides to show more leg! Get these 2 fucking Transexuals off please and put some fucking women on with nice fucking legs, Honestly Im getting pretty fucking sick of Fox dressing like crap! If she or he cannot dress like a woman at least have co hosts that can so at least this fucking show can be watchable on a daily basis!

Ilia Nice Leg on Primer Impacto!

October 5, 2009

Well As usual I Tuned into Primer Impacto Expecting what I usually see most of the time, Ilia Good and Barb Bad…As usual I was correct! I Still grabbed a Few Caps of the show

Ilia Showing Nice leg as she susually does 99% of the time, Sadly though as Expected barbara Bercrapo had to go be in Shitty Nasty Black tranny pants! The only good thing barb did today was wear a decently tight grey top, so I got a few shots of that too, Would have been nice if barb would have worn a nice short ass skirt with this top but you know barb, awful outfits most of the time! GET MORE SKIRTS WITH THE TIGHT ASS TOPS! Also in the Pic Before the Last you see Rosana Franco standing and As usual A Nice short skirt showing good leg! She does this fucking crapp all the fucking time on PI then When Her sitting show comes on Sundays she dresses like a fucking nun! Retarded Fucking Broad!

Lili Estefan is a Coward!

October 5, 2009

Only need to really report on this coward once because as you’ll see in the picture below theres no need for any further rantings!

Awful table

This show is Complelty FUCKED with that Mother fucking table blocking! This show had tons of Leg potential as Lilli almost always wears something short and good….I bet anything that if that table was gone she would fucking suck and wear granny skirts and pants because it appears to me like Ana Maria This Broad is also a fucking COWARD! Why the fuck do they need that huge table for anyways? They Hardly if ever se the fucking thing for anything! Well thank you Lilli for being another retarded fucking cowarly broad on tv that’s too chicken shit to show leg! I’d rant on this crap everyday but whats the point, the shitty table will ALWAYS be there fucking things up!

Escandalo TV is Dull Again!

October 5, 2009

Well after Fridays mild upturn on the show, today it’s back to reality with crppy ass outfits as seen in the Photo below!


Well Going from Left to right, marisa is in a Crappy white top with a White skirt, Sadly though as with 99% of her skirts they are pretty damn long and this one is no exception! Show your legs Marisa! Your legs are Hot and nothing to be ashamed about! Charytin in the middle is in the better of the 2 skirts but still not that great, and last and least Lillia is in Nice tranny pants! Another award winning show….NOT! Come on Women get your asses together and dress alot better for all mankind sake! Honestly is this what we have to look forward to almost every day? It’s looking that way!

Despierta America is Pathetic!

October 5, 2009

Well Another week of Complete crap on this show looks like its comin! Pretty pathetic too if you ask me, as seen in the pic below another boring ass show!

Pathetic DA

Well lets see here, Carla is in a shitty ass red top with you guessed it, shitty fucking red pants! WOOO! Nice start to the week huh? If that isn’t bad enough Ana is no better! A Horrible top and yes she is wearing some sort of skirt but what the fuck is wrong with this picture? Ah Yes, ONLY ANA is holding tons of fucking papers all over her lap! Why the fuck is that? AH I KNOW! Shes the only fucking one in a skirt so shes as usual cowarldy covering her fucking legs! If you watch the show you know this broad does this shit all the fucking time when in a skirt which SHE SHOULD STOP FUCKING WEARING if shes so self concious about her legs and appearance! Don’t piss people off by wearing a fucking skirt and doing this fucking crap every fucking time stupid! Women are retarded sometimes I tell you!