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3 Spanish “Women”?

September 30, 2009

I doubt the subject above is all that true, after I saw Lame Gretchen and Lame Stephanie this morning I said hey what about the 6am Spanish Video Program With Jessica Fox…So I changed it to that and you’ll never know what the fuck I saw, again Avert your eyes if you don’t like awful outfits!

Jessica and others

Jessica is the one in the Purple top, of course this nasty thing is almost 100% of the time always in fucking pants, I think this thing only ownes maybe 1 skirt and never wears it unless all the pants are dirty on laundry day and that only happens maybe 1 time every 3 months or so if that, so yeah most of the fucking time its pants, pants and more nasty manly pants….uhhhh! To make things even worse 2 other “Things” as you can see joined Fox on the show and to my surprise “Not Really” is not 1 but BOTH are also fucking nasty in more fucking pants! Oh Joy Oh Joy! For the love of God, how much more?! How Much more crap this morning?! I can’t take much more crap but Im sure more crap will be on tap all day today the way its going! This is retarded, 3 trannies on 1 show….What are the damn odds? Looks pretty damn good to me! This is disgusting and well awful! I wish I had abit of Actual Women Reporting this morning sadly there is none!


Stephanie Abrams = BORING!

September 30, 2009

Well After I saw Lame Gretchen Carlson this morning I decided to Change the channel to TWC to see what abrams was Wearing….to My Dismay She too Was dressed like a fucking man as seen in the photo below, let me warn you the Image is truly Horrifying!

Abrams Nasty

Uhhhgggg! Yes I know extreamly horrible and upsetting to see!¬†Honestly now WTF Kind of outfit is this?! Good Lord I thought I was watching Al Roker and Mike Bettes, I mean it was that fucking bad to tell who was who! For Crying out loud this is as good to a Mens outfit as you can possibly fucking get! An All grey God awful looking pants suit, YUCK! Again Stephine I Question what side of the field your on…Go back to wearing skirts please, also wear pantyhose with those skirts…In Fact, Im sure if Al was working with you on the set he would get bored as hell thinking how fucking awful you look! Get better more watchable outfits Please, your revolting in these outfits! YUCK! (PUKE)

HSN’s Callie Northagen is NASTY!

September 30, 2009

WOMAN?! THIS?! Nah seriously, I tuned in to this thing tonight to maybe just maybe see some leg, What in the fuck do you think I saw? Hell just check out this Picture below and you’ll see what I mean if you didn’t tune in to the Show!

Crappy Callie

First off to the Woman or so Called Woman Rep on the left, Either dress like a damn woman or don’t come to the fucking set at all! Thank You! Next Callie is dressed in today’s Nasty transexual special! A Nasty ass Red thing and underneath that was a Nice Black turtleneck…hmm, someone don’t wanna show his/her or it’s titties! Also Love the matching nasty ass grey pants! Uck! Come the hell on, what the hell kinda outfit do you call this? Ghey sheik? Honesly Callie, if you can’t dress once a week like a woman your NOT a woman PERIOD! Its time you got rid of the fake titties, and take your penis to a Chip and Dales Stripjoint since thats where you belong! BAH, Nasty! UCK! Am I still ranting about you? Yes I am….Will I continue, yeah probably the next time I see you! Again UCK! BAH! UHHHHH!

Chelsea Handler? A Man or a Woman?

September 29, 2009

Ok, Iv’e been tuning into this show for quite awhile now and All I got to say is What the fuck is this?! Are you kidding me? I thought this was a Woman’s Talkshow…Well take a look below and see what I mean here!

Awful Chelsea Awful Chelsea 2

Ok, Seriously now this is one of the so called “Women” on tv that I truly doubt is a Woman! Chelsea loves to trash celebritys and other women during her…or should I say it’s show, well now its time for the hunter to become the hunted! Chelsea, your a fucking joke PERIOD! Your not a woman, stop saying your a woman cause your not Period! Maybe in a past life you were a damn woman and decided to get a penis implant because that must be the reason you wear such god awful horrible outfits like this all the time, to hide the fat you grew a fucking penis in your pants and are afraid to let Mr. Winkey out! For the love of God Get off Television for all Mankind sake! The outfit above is just the Begining folks! Im sure Ill have many more bashings for this nasty ass thing to come! YUCK! Also that outfit you must have got in the Men’s Department! Don’t Forget Chelsea, Use the Men’s Room, because your definatly NOT a Woman!